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Busted: FB page says AFP Mobile Kitchen was donated by South Korean Army after Yolanda, not acquired by Duterte



A Facebook page set out to correct several Facebook posts thanking President Rodrigo Duterte for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Mobile Kitchen sent to the soldiers in Marawi City.

Philippines Defense Forces Forum said that the mobile kitchen was donated by the South Korean Army to the AFP after Yolanda, not acquired by the President.

“Correction, the AFP Mobile Kitchen was not acquired by Duterte but donated to the AFP by South Korea in the aftermath of Yolanda,” the FB page wrote on July 15, 6:34 pm.

We checked relevant information about the AFP Mobile Kitchen and found a December 27, 2016 article from the Philippine Information Agency’s blog about the mobile kitchen truck. The report covered the event about how the mobile kitchen was brought to Batangas Port on December 27 to help people who were stranded in the pier due to Typhoon Nina. We also confirmed what the Philippines Defense Forces Forum said since the report said that a staff officer in charge of supplies in the army gave credit to the South Korean army for donating the mobile truck.


“Ayon kay Captain Michelle Paranga ng Office of the Quarter Master General, ang trak ay dating pagmamay-ari ng South Korean Airforce na isa sa mga grupong nag-responde sa mga survivor ng Yolanda,” the PIA report said.

According to the report, the mobile kitchen has 15 large rice cookers, two large cooking pots for soup, and a burner. The large truck’s sole purpose is to cook and feed a lot of people, which is what it is doing now in Marawi. The report also detained the transfer of the truck’s ownership, from when it was donated by the South Korean Airforce to the Department of National Defense (DND) after their relief operation and was eventually donated by the DND to the AFP in February 2016.

Paranga added that the mobile kitchen was also used during earthquake drills and was paraded during special occasions.

And just to further verify that the PIA report was indeed referring to the AFP Mobile Kitchen, we found this post by the Department of Social Welfare and Development FB page on December 28 showing the distribution of food from the AFP Mobile Kitchen at the Batangas Pier.

Philippines Defense Forces Forum’s correction also came with a screenshot of a post by the page “Legal Army Wives” thanking Duterte for the mobile kitchen, which kept the Marawi soldiers fed.

“Bagting na! Tara na mga ka Tropa pila na tayo! Gyera naman mamaya. Salamat sa AFP mobile kitchen ni Pres Duterte. Salamat sa pagmamahal sa iyong mga Kawal Sir. Busog lagi ang mga sundalo ditto sa Marawi,” the post read.

But when we checked the Legal Army Wives’ post, it was already edited with a “Thank you South Korea.” We checked the edit history of the post and found out that the page corrected its post on July 16, after the Philippines Defense Forces Forum’s correction was posted on Facebook.

See? Legal Army Wives’ first post was on July 15, 12:02pm. It was edited two times 18 hours ago, yesterday, July 16, thanking South Korea.

However, there were other pages that picked up Legal Army Wives’ original post, such as “Pres Rody Duterte Effect – The Peacemaker” and a netizen, among others. As of writing, they have not corrected their post with proper credit to the South Korean Army, unlike what the Legal Army Wives’ FB page did.

Last December, President Duterte himself checked out the AFP Mobile Kitchen.


According to a post by NowPinas, Paranga said that the AFP Mobile Kitchen can cook food for hundreds of soldiers daily. It can cook around three sacks of rice and serve 1,500 liters of purified water for the troops daily.

Volunteer mobile kitchen for evacuees

Aside from the AFP Mobile Kitchen feeding the Marawi soldiers, a mobile kitchen organized by volunteers also went to Marawi City to feed the evacuees. The Art Relief Mobile Kitchen was founded by photographer and volunteer Alex Baluyut.

On July 11, The ARMK has already been in Marawi for “24 feeding days” and has served over 21,000 hot Halal meals.

On July 14, the ARMK FB page reposted Baluyut’s post about how the ARMK is in its Level 3 food aid for the displaced people from Marawi City, which meant the “distribution of basic kitchen needs” for them to be able to cook for themselves. The ARMK will also supply them with fresh uncooked food and fruits, as well as firewood.

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Busted: Robredo nagbakasyon sa ibang bansa at tinakasan si Marcos? It’s a fake story!



Vice President Leni Robredo allegedly left the Philippines to go on vacation abroad and escape from her rival, former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. in the middle of the VP vote recount.

With a title that says “Leni Robredo Nagbakasyon Sa Ibang Bansa! Tina-kasan Si BBM! Panoorin,” the story has riled people up. They believed that Robredo really left the country to leave Marcos and the electoral protest behind.

The story was carried by sites such as,, and, before it was shared by Facebook pages such as “Action ni Duterte,” “Duterte for OFW,” “President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte  for New Philippines,” and Duterte Defenders” starting on April 6.


However, the links to the story showed a 14-minute long YouTube video of political analyst and De La Salle professor Antonio Contreras talking about the alleged wet ballots discovered during the recount. He did mention about how Robredo was in another country, while her lawyer Romulo Macalintal was left behind to explain the wet ballots allegedly found during the recount. Contreras said that the explanation about the condition of the ballots should come from the Comelec or those responsible of maintaining the ballot boxes.

Unlike what the title claimed about how Robredo left the country to escape from Marcos, she actually went to London to speak at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) about “Overcoming Poverty in the Philippines and the Role of Politics in Economic Growth,” based on the Facebook post her official page made on April 7.

It was an honor to speak at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where I was invited to give a…

Posted by VP Leni Robredo on Saturday, April 7, 2018

Robredo went to London not to go on a vacation but to give a talk related to what the Office of the Vice President has been doing. And she certainly did not go to the UK to escape Marcos. She even continued with the 48th episode of the BISErbisyong Leni radio show, where she and her co-host Ely Saludar talked to #IstoryaNgPagasa champions in the UK.

All of these meant that Robredo visited Robredo for work-related engagements, not to go on a break and escape from Marcos during the VP vote recount. The story is fake!


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Busted: ‘Napatunayan na si BBM ang sinuportahan ng taumbayan’? BBM 100% winner as VP? Fake news!



Amid the vice presidential vote recount, some Facebook pages have been posting articles with titles and feature images claiming that former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has won as VP.

The story, as picked up by several blogs, has a title that says, “Napatunayan Na Sa Wakas Na Si BBM Ang Sinuportahan Ng Taumbayan! Panoorin.” The feature image also shows Marcos surrounded by his supporters with a text that says “BBM 100 Percent Winner Pagka Bise.”


Both the title and the text on the image would instantly tell you that Marcos has already been declared as the winner in the recount.

The story from that was shared by the Facebook page “Pilipinas Duterte Global Supporters 360” even got shared over 900 times since it was posted on April 3.

The same story was also picked up by blogs such as,,,, and, among others. It was shared either by Facebook pages such as “Duterte for OFW,” “Duterte Astig,” “PRRD Defender,” and “Duterte Para sa Bayan” or by individual users to several Facebook groups, such as “Imee Marcos for Senator Movement.”

And based on the comments on these posts, it seemed that while some netizens realized that these claims are not true about Marcos being the winning VP, others were asking why he has not been proclaimed as the VP until now.

However, the VP vote recount is still ongoing since it started on April 2, so we’re wondering where the makers of hte graphics and story got the idea that Marcos has emerged as the winner. These claims are clearly fake and were meant to mislead people.

If you click on the article on, you will only find a 404 error on the page.

We did find a 10-minute YouTube video when we clicked on However, the video just showed Marcos, his wife, and sister Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos being greeted by their supporters. By the way the title was framed, did they mean that the Marcos supporters comprise the “taumbayan” that they mentioned? That is not really the case, which makes this story a definite fake one.


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Busted: 7800 na patay nakalistang bumoto kay Robredo sa Bacolod? Story came from a noted fake news site!



A certain Patricia Laurel shared on Facebook on April 6 a few screenshots of an article claiming that Bacolod election officials found 7,800 dead people who were listed as voters for Vice President Leni Robredo.


She captioned it, “Mga patay bumoto kay Leni.” As of writing, her post has already gained over 4,500 shares, almost 500 reactions, and over 100 comments.

Angry netizens ended up calling Robredo names.

The post was also shared by veteran writer and The Manila Times columnist Bobi Tiglao. His post has since then been shared close to 200 times.

Facebook page Showbiz Government also shared the same post by Laurel and has managed to gain over 800 shares.


However, MemeBuster later found out that the story in the now viral screenshots accusing that over 7,000 dead  people voted for Robredo came from the site and was published in December 2017.

But we could not verify the claims in the story. Even the direct quotes found in the story were also carried by dubious sites.

We also found out that this is the same fake story that trended back in January, but it has a different title then, “Bicol Election Officials Found 8,654 Dead Folks Who Voted for Robredo,” as carried by the fake news site

Even has carried several fake stories before that we already debunked, such as how Senator Risa Hontiveros allegedly defended the CPP-NPA during a joint session on the extension of martial law, Nostradamus predicted President Rodrigo Duterte’s victory, and the late Playboy founder Hugh Heffner donated $5 million to Duterte’s drug war.

The site also carried the fake stories about Hontiveros filing a bill to raise the minimum age of senior citizenship to 65 from 60 and the lady senator helping the girl who hit a taxi driver in a viral video.

Tiglao once accused the Inquirer of using a fake photo of the “Start the Healing” rally on EDSA in NOvember 2017, but when he got confronted about it, deleted the post, but refused to apologize for his mistake.

The page Showbiz Government has also shared several hoaxes in the past, including those about unpaid EDSA protesters mobbing the Liberal Party office, an Oxford law professor saying the ICC cannot prosecute Duterte because of his high approval ratings, Senators Hontiveros and Kiko Pangilinan holding hands while walking, and more.


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