Busted: Putin called PH paltik gun ‘better than US rifle’? It’s a satirical article!


An article shared by Facebook page “Typical Pinoy Crap” claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin considered the paltik gun from the Philippines “better than the US rifle.”

Putin PH Paltik Gun Better than US

The article came after reports surfaced about halting the sale of around 26,000 assault rifles to the PNP after Senator Ben Cardin was said to have opposed it. The opposition was supposedly based on the America’s concerns about the human rights violations in the Philippines.

PNP chief Ronald Dela Rosa said that instead of relying on US rifles, the police should look for Philippine resources instead and start exporting rifles, the article said.

It also reported that President Rodrigo Duterte even had Putin try his paltik gun to show its capabilities and potential. The video of Putin trying that gun allegedly even went viral. Russian sources also told the website that Putin was “shocked” and “pleased” by the gun’s simplicity and power.

Putin was also quoted saying, “It was cheap, has almost no recoil, and also easy to develop. This might even be better than the US rifles.” Yet another statement allegedly from him also said, “I don’t even understand why the Philippines is bothering with getting US rifles. They already have the next best thing on their hands.”

The source cited in the article was TheCykaBlyatTimes, although when you click it, it directs you back to the same web page. According to urbandictionary.com, “cyka blyat” is a Russian slur often used in the PC gaming community.

Putin testing Duterte’s paltik gun is a made-up story. While there were reports about the possibility of the US Senate blocking the sale of US rifles to the PNP, this claim about Putin commending the quality of the Philippine paltik gun is fake. This is exactly what you can expect from a satirical blog like thephnews.blogspot.com (Newsph).

The site is noted as a satirical news site.

Putin PH Paltik Gun Better than US


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