Busted: PAO Chief Acosta denies calling CHR ‘epal’ and ‘illogical’


The head of the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) posted on her Facebook page a statement denying a quote attributed to her that involved bashing the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and supporting the PNP chief on the killings and surrenders of suspected drug personalities.

PAO Chief Persida V. Rueda-Acosta tried to notify the public that she did not “categorically state” CHR as “epal” and “illogical,” as what the quote, with her picture in the background, claimed to have said. She further explained that both offices, CHR and PAO, are working towards the same goal – upholding justice, but that there are certain instances when their opinions might differ.

“This is to inform everyone that I did not categorically state that CHR is epal and illogical. That may be the conclusion of some observers. But please do not use my picture and name in matters that I did not say. In some cases CHR and PAO are working together in the highest interest of justice. But, there are times, that PAO has to act within its mandate and in accordance with the laws and Constitution, although may be different from the opinion of others.”

Acosta also provided a link to the Facebook post that MISUSED her name and photo by attributing a quoted line to her when she did not utter those words herself.

PAO Chief Persida V Rueda-Acosta

Surprise, surprise!

The link led to a Facebook page supporting President Rodrigo Duterte.

PAO Chief Persida V Rueda-Acosta Fake comments

Meme Buster has busted several memes and posts from pro-Duterte Facebook pages before, so this trick of using an individual’s picture and putting a quote with it is not entirely new. It’s been used several times during the campaign and obviously, until now! They have used US President Barrack Obama, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, American journalist Anderson Cooper, and several other Filipino celebrities. Acosta would be another name in the long list of individuals used to misinform the Filipino netizens.

But what’s even more worrisome is that many of those who commented on the post did not even bother checking whether what Acosta allegedly said was true. They readily believed it! As what Acosta has said, even if her office and CHR may have had different opinions in past and even current issues, it was wrong to stamp her name and picture on a meme with a quote that she did not even say herself. That’s just plain deception!


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