Busted: News about Mandarin being part of PH education curriculum with looming PH-China partnership is SATIRE!


When President Rodrigo Duterte started getting friendly with the Chinese, especially after he visited China in October, where he made remarks about how it was “time to say goodbye” to the US, an article about how Mandarin is going to be a part of the education curriculum in the Philippines. In fact, a Facebook user shared it and it has since been shared 841 times.

Mandarin PH Education Curriculum

The article said that CHED wants to add Mandarin to all levels of education in the country in preparation for its partnership with China.

But only those who did not click on the link would be easily duped by the article. At first glance, you can tell right away that it is satire. In fact, it is written right at the upper left corner on the page, under the website name, that it is a satirical piece written merely for the readers’ entertainment.

Mandarin PH Education Curriculum

If you also read the article, it is obvious just how it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously when it said, “In a fictional interview with BDSM radio…”

There was also a bit about “ownership claims,” which seemed to be a hit against China claiming the West Philippine Sea as part of their territory. It said:

“The subject also includes the study of Chinese history and etiquette. The etiquette on ownership claims, however, will only be available to military and marine courses.”

CHED addressed the issue on October 22, 2016, asking netizens to stop sharing the satirical article.

“The said write-up is entirely false and malicious,” CHED said in their Facebook Note.


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