Busted: Duterte’s spox Peter Lavina ‘lies’ using foreign victim’s photo after claiming crime happened in PH


Veteran journalist Inday Espina-Varona scored President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign spokesman for “misrepresenting” by using a foreign rape victim’s photo and posting it as though the crime was committed in the Philippines.

In her Facebook post, Espina-Varona highlighted the importance of “#Accuracy and all that jazz” while making a counter tirade against Peter Tiu Lavina after he posted his questionable claims online on August 27.

“For all the attacks on supposedly biased, inaccurate media, and the build-up of social media operations as THE alternative to the hated press, it turns out that not all the intelligence funds in the world can foil “kuryente,” “laziness” or deliberate peddling of false representation. Or all of the above,” she wrote.

She then launched into three points showing just how Laviña basically lied just to attack “human rightists, bishops and ‘presstitutes’.”

Espina-Varona posted a link to Laviña’s original Facebook post about the rape and murder of a nine-year-old, a screenshot of which can be found below.

Peter Lavina Lies

She also posted a link to journalist Froilan Gallardo’s post, entitled “PICTURES DON”T LIE BUT THEY JUST DID,” which revealed the real story behind the photo and how it was misused by Laviña to bring more attention to the need to fight illegal drugs in the country.

The photo was actually that of nine-year-old victim of rape and murder committed in South America, based on the blog provided by Gallardo. The crime was reported on December 22, 2014.

Peter Lavina Lies

Gallardo made a parting shot against propagandists, probably hitting Laviña and his lies and Duterte wanted to increase his office’s intelligence budget for the sake of his staff who needed more.

“Pictures don’t lie but propagandists distort the captions to satisfy their goals. No wonder the intelligence budget of President Duterte is tripled: he needs to buy more for his staff,” he said.

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